Tuesday, April 13, 2010


After finding some fantastic material on clearance on joannfabrics.com last SUMMER, I finally got around to utilizing it! It was actually a rather uneventful process that involved measuring tapes, 9 yards of material, crawling around my living room on said material, and, of course, some headache with a sewing machine that I haven't quite mastered yet (though, the three days it took to finally get the curtain rod hung up made the sewing seem like a breeze...who knew?!)! Nontheless, I am quite proud of my accomplishment!

Friday, April 9, 2010

One Day Without Shoes!!

So, I may not be keeping up with this as well as I should be...but...A, for effort, right? RIGHT?! Eh. Not like anyone really reads these anyways!
For those of you hiding under a rock that DON'T know about TOMS Shoes, they are a shoe company that gives a pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair purchased. They're super comfy and steadily growing in popularity. And cuteness! But, to the point, TOMS Shoes has started a movement called "One Day Without Shoes". It's a day when we go barefoot to increase awareness about what not having shoes to wear does to children (For more information on that, check out Tomsshoes.com It's a great site to support!).

This movement all comes together on the 8th of April (yesterday). I was very excited about participating in this, particularly because I absolutely LOVE being barefoot! When barefoot isn't possible, I bring in the flip flops! So, having an excuse to not wear shoes and do something informative and rewarding is a combo that can't be beaten! I wasn't able to go the entire day without shoes because of a biology lab I have in the morning. When working with chemicals, for some reason, being barefoot is a bit...forbidden! But, as soon as the class was done I bared my feet! The city that I live in was even nice enough to sport some sun during this day as well, which is rare! I headed to the park to languish with my toes in the grass and write a bit. I lasted about an hour before, quite literally, getting cold feet. But, it was the most invigorating experience I've had since before the long winter and this rainy spring that is following it.

I'm sure TOMS Shoes will be encoring this movement again next year, and you should all join! On their site they list groups getting together in different cities (and towns...and wheat fields, in the middle of nowhere) to have barefoot "walks" ranging in length and setting. So check that out, too, or if you can't find one in your area, start one of your own! Entire schools, workplaces, etc. have done this, as well as celebrities such as Kristen Bell, Olivia Wilde, The Jonas Brothers, Brittany Snow, and lots others! Increasing awareness is a powerful feeling! And if that's not enough of a reason, then think of it as an excuse to not wear those heels for a day, under the pretense of a good cause!

P.S. Sorry you had to look at a picture of my feet! Probably should've warned you or something, eh?! :)