Monday, May 30, 2011


I totally do!

This past March I had the enormous privledge of going back to an orphanage in Mexico for the second time. I went a few years ago for a spring break and I most certainly plan on going back for a third and a forth time! The orphanage is located in a small town called Ejido Uruapan. I learned that "Ejido" is actually a word in front of the town name that basically means that the town is owned by the government. Learn something new everyday, eh? The orphanage is fairly close to Ensenada, which is a popular destination for cruise ships. The cruise ships take day trips out to La Bufadora, which is a great place to get souvenirs if you want good deals. Ensenada tends to be a massive rip-off, often charging three times the amount for the exact same items that they sell at La Bufadora.

The two places we went when we weren't at the orphanage!

The orphanage is different from what you normally think of when hearing the word "Orphanage". Many of the children have parents that simply cannot afford to take care of them. But unlike in a traditional orphanage most of these kids actually go stay with their families on the weekends.

On the trampoline with some of the kids (And they all fall down!)

I don't speak much Spanish (I'm in my second year of the Spanish in college), but I went with my friend Tiffany who speaks Spanish fluently and actually lived at the orphanage for 6 months a few years ago. So I definitely have an in when I go down there! I know all of the best taco stands/ bakeries/ souvenir stands (We have our picture on the wall of Big Burro, the best taco stand EVER) in Ensenada! Oh and did I forget to mention the hot springs right by the orphanage itself, in Uruapan! Bliss!

My major is Social Work, so going back down there was the most positive experience I can imagine. When I come back up to the States after being down in Mexico I'm always hit with an overwhelming appreciation for all those things that I take for granted. It also gives me such compassion for illegal immigrants. Things are not always as black and white as they seem, and I think being reminded of that is a necessary thing in my life! (Oh and if you think there's a ton of pictures on this blog entry then you shoulda seen how many I WANTED to add!)

Augustine (used to be called Frijolito, then Frijol, and now that he's all grown up he wants to be called by his actual name! CUTE!)

Making pizza with the kids! No easy feat when trying to bake multiple
personal pizzas for over 20 kids with only one oven!

The view from the orphanage!

Eating fresh churros and buying souvenirs from the car while waiting
in the endless line at the border!

At the beach in Ensenada!

San Dee-iego!

There are MANY places that I want to travel (Greece, Russia, Norway, France, England, Ireland, Germany, etc. etc.)! But if I had to pick the one place that I most want to live, I'd have to say San Diego. Hands down! I just love this place! I don't know what it is, especially because I've lived in so many places. Although, come to think of it, maybe that's exactly how I know. Over the years I've been able to really hone in on what I do and don't like about places. San Diego just feels RIGHT. Like it's just been waiting for me all these years to show up. And as soon as I graduate from college that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Oh and for anyone who lives in San Diego/is going to visit, you should probably go check out Extraordinary Desserts. It's good. Seriously. Good. Other recommendations: Coronado Island is great for a super relaxing day. Fashion Valley Mall is amazing for some shopping (And boy do I love shopping! Is that too cliché?!). And the Gaslamp Quarter is amazing for night life! And I'm excited to explore more in the future! And for those of you who know San Diego intimately...GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS!! :) I'm sure that my favorite places are relatively trite to those that live there and know all of the non-tourist places!