Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bridal Shower DIY

I am the proud Maid of Honor for one of my best friend's (and coincidentally she is also my cousin) upcoming nuptials! And one of my duties is to plan an incredible bridal shower for her! I've been perusing etsy and pinterest and googling to my heart's delight to try to find the cheapest way to create a fantastic bridal shower that doesn't look like it's been done on a budget! The plans really started to take shape after I came up with the idea of doing a crepe bar (which I have since discovered was hardly an original thought!)! With the food decided I found the ideas for the decorations flowed right along. I've been folding circular fans for the decor in my free time, as well as designing and making the invitations, and attempting to organize some activities, favors, and the rest of the menu and decor. But this blog entry is actually going to be just about the cake stands I made for the crepes!

I've been wanting to get myself a cake stand for quite awhile now. Just a simple and elegant white one. And while debating when and where I should purchase one of these I realized that cake stands would be a really cute way to serve the crepes at the bridal shower. I wanted two, one for each side of the table. The only issue was that I couldn't afford to actually buy cake stands to use. Luckily it was pinterest to the rescue! Someone had posted a picture that had a short tutorial on how to make your own using dollar store dishes. So I hurried my butt over to my local Dollar Tree and purchased a couple simple glass candle candlesticks and some plates (I also bought a few bowls after I realized what a cheap place the dollar store is to get some vintage looking glass bowls for a DOLLAR! YES!). Then I raced over to the Home Depot. The helpful associate pointed me to the perfect primer and spray paint for the job. Guaranteed not to come off of anything. This point was emphasized a few times and I was encouraged to wear old clothes that completely covered my skin and to make sure and put down lots of plastic. I forget what type of spray paint it was but I'm sure the folks over at Home Depot can help you discover it for yourself! I bought the primer, and I also bought a can of white for the base of the cake stand (otherwise known as dollar store glass candlesticks) and a can of yellow for the top of the stand (or the dollar store plates). After all the purchased were made all that was needed was a little time to do some spray painting and then to glue the white candlestick to the yellow plate!

This was such a simple project to manage and the result looked like something that you would actually want to buy, so I was very pleased! I recommend that everyone try this! I plan on using white doilies between the plates and the stand, because I'm not sure if you can serve food on something that's been spray painted? But if that's an issue for some of you then a simple fix would be to purchase a plate with the color that you want, or I've even been wanting to make some out of vintage plates for a unique look! There are many options and there's sure to be a perfect one for you!

This is what the candlesticks originally looked like that I bought
 at the Dollar Tree. I don't have a picture of the plates, but I just
picked the ones that had the best size/shape since I knew that
 I would be covering them with paint anyway!

This is the final product! I love the way they turned out! I thought
that the yellow and white had a nice feminine/vintage feel that will
 work perfectly with the crepes and with the rest of the decor that
 I'm working on!

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