Monday, July 18, 2011

Orangina Bottles: Project 1

I am seriously addicted to Orangina. If you haven't tried it, it's basically carbonated orange juice. And it's amazing. There are a few different forms that Orangina is sold in, the run-of-the-mill plastic bottle, in a can (soda-style), and (my favorite) in gorgeous glass bottles. I buy these glass bottles of Orangina in six-packs at Trader Joes. Ever since I discovered these I've been trying to think of creative ways to re-use the bottles. I've come up with quite a list, but I'm just going to show you the first pr0ject I did using them. It's also definitely the easiest thing to do with them, other than the obvious vase option. But, I think we're all a little more creative than that, yes?

Step 1:
Buy Orangina and drink it (YUM.)

Step 2:
Remove the lid, the lid band (use sharp objects at your own risk as I did with my cuticle trimmers), and the label (it comes off very easily by peeling as much off as you can when it's dry, and then using warm water to scrub off the rest)

Step 3:
Find some sort-of cheap sconce . I bought mine a billion years ago at Walmart (I think) for next to nothing. They're not the fanciest, but they work.

Step 4:
Find something that you like the look of or that has some special meaning to you that will fit through the opening of the bottle. I have a soft spot for Maine so I used some sand from there as well as a collection of teeny tiny shells that I had collected.

Step 5:
Fill your bottles to your desired fullness. I didn't want them filled too much because I wanted the Orangina bottles to be as much of a star as the sand/shells.

Step 6:
Hang your sconces and set the Orangina bottles on them instead of candles. Voila. Wasn't that easy?

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